ONLINE: Best Practices for Managing Off-Site Employees

Whether your team works down the street from you or across the globe, effectively managing virtual and off-site employees who work in a different location than their supervisor is key to getting the results everyone desires.

Learning Objectives Covered During This Session:

  • Effective Communication, Trust & Feedback: It Must Go Both Ways
  • Choosing Which Employees Are Right for Off-Site Roles
  • Utilizing Reliable Tools & Technology
  • Creating Structure

Why attend?

Like many other leaders, you may have been forced to work offsite for the past year, and we did what we could with what we knew. Now and in the future, you and your organization may choose to continue working virtually and/or offsite for many reasons. Now is the time to set your team up for success by implementing a successful structure that we did not have the time to set up previously.


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