ONLINE: Advancing Above and Beyond in HR: The Keys to Success

Without question, right now is the ideal time for you to be working in the human resources profession! In many organizations around the world, HR has finally achieved the status and importance that it deserves. In fact, senior executives are increasingly turning to you to work closely with them as business partners in developing a cadre of the ‘best and brightest’ employees. This step-up in prestige and responsibility has presented you with new and difficult challenges, as well as tremendous opportunities. Do you have what it takes to position yourself for success? In his informative, entertaining and highly-interactive presentation, John Rubino will discuss how to acquire the types and quality of knowledge, skills, competencies, and ‘reputation’ (and related tips and techniques) that are absolutely essential for today’s HR professional to possess and utilize – so you can effectively contribute to the success of your organization, and advance above and beyond within your own career!

Workplace Application:
The attendees will learn all of the essential attributes and competencies to possess and utilize (the keys to success) in order to be a premier HR pro

Learning Objectives:

1) The specific implications of the evolving role of the human resources professional around the world;

2) The types of knowledge, skills, competencies, behaviors and ‘reputation’ that are essential for success — and how to acquire and use them effectively

3) How to position themselves effective so they are perceived by executives and managers as credible business partners within their organizations

4) Useful real-life tips and techniques that will help them effectively contribute to the success of their organizations, as well as advance above and beyond within their own careers.


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