ONLINE: Advanced PDF Techniques: Taking PDFs to the Next Level We

Join PDF expert Tom Fragale as he takes your PDF skills to the next level.  You will learn to use advanced document tools, modify document properties, compare documents, enhance scans and enhance documents by adding rich media such as sound, video, and interactive buttons. Gain the ability to use the measurement tool, the distance tool, the perimeter tool and the area tool. You will gain a step-by-step tutorial on how to  create interactive forms from a Word document, add form elements, add check boxes and radio buttons, and distribute forms for feedback. You will also understand the importance of accessibility and how to test for accessibility. On top of that, you will understand signatures, learn how to create signatures and how to add signatures to a document.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand how to use advanced document tools
  • Learn how to add rich media
  • Learn how to use measurement tools
  • Walk away know how to create professional forms
  • Understand accessibility and why that is critical
  • Learn how to create signatures and certificates

Register today and join Tom Fragale as he shares years of PDF experience in this information packed 60 minute webinar.


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