ONLINE – Upskilling to Keep ahead of the Automation Wave Hitting Accounting


Suddenly the threat of automation taking away accounting jobs is a topic everyone is talking about. Most likely, this is due to the realization that technology would have helped with many of the accounting headaches experienced during COVID. Plus those companies that employed a good deal of technology in their various accounting functions had a somewhat easier time than those who were still in a very manual mode.

And of course, no sooner did management teams start discussing and purchasing more technology, than old and-not-so-old fears of computers eliminating jobs came to the front. For professionals who put in a little extra effort, those fears do not have to become reality. There will be plenty of jobs; in fact, some experts predict more jobs than before – and not just for the tech geniuses. In this session we’ll arm you with the information you need to stay ahead of the automation wave.


After this session you will be able to:

  • Identify the most in-demand skillsets for accounting
  • Pinpoint those areas where your knowledge may be lacking
  • Develop an action plan for yourself to learn what you need to stay forever employable (upskilling)
  • Strategize to learn the basics of some of the new technology impacting accounting
  • Create a regular plan for you (and your staff) to ensure you don’t fall behind
  • Implement regular checkups to ensure you are not falling behind

Who Should Attend:

Accountants, controllers, accounting managers, auditors (internal and external), Treasurers, CFOs, CEOs, accounts payable professionals, expense reimbursement staff, payroll professionals, procure-to-pay professionals, and travel managers.


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