ONLINE: Onboarding and Remote Training in Post Corona Era (in Japanese)

“Focus on ONBOARDING and
Remote Employee Training at Post Corona Era”

Co-sponsored by JASCO and COJAC from 3:00 pm on November 11th, 2020

  • Seminar information

Onboarding refers to a series of long-term orientation activities when welcoming new employees, and has the effect of reducing the turnover rate of new employees. It is not a one-time explanation, but a system that supports the entire company so that the person can quickly demonstrate his / her ability in the company. As remote work is taking root in Corona, some say that the culture of the company has been lost and the sense of unity among employees has diminished. In this seminar, we will explain that reviewing onboarding has the effect of deepening the engagement and commitment of existing employees as well as new employees and building an in-house brand.


  • Purpose of the seminar:

Many Japanese and American companies also have the problem that the sense of unity within the company and the motivation of employees are being lost due to the corona sickness. The current situation is that the various gaps that were filled by face-to-face meetings every day have widened due to remote work, and the company has become disjointed. And there is an urgent need to take measures if this situation persists. This issue is also an urgent issue for American companies and, by extension, Japanese companies operating in the United States.

Therefore, we will hold a seminar focusing on onboarding to increase employee engagement and form a solid in-house brand toward post-corona. The goal is for Japanese companies to align their vectors, establish an in-house brand, and form the Japanese brand for all Japanese companies.


  • Challenges for Japanese companies in the United States:
  1. a) By not meeting everyone every day, I am worried about the sense of unity within the company.
  2. b) Decreased employee motivation
  3. c) New hires have been stopped because face-to-face training is no longer possible.
  4. d) I don’t know if there is a core local manager
  5. e) I feel that the sales force is weakening


  • Seminar content: Focus on “onboarding” as a solution
  1. What American companies are doing now
  2. The actual situation of employment in the United States that 4% of people quit due to the impression of the first day
  3. What is onboarding?
  4. Doing this will increase employee performance by as much as 40%
  5. Blend training under remote work
  6. Remote E-onboarding
  7. Voice of the company that introduced it
  8. Summary
  • Seminar outline

Date and time: November 11, 2020 (Wednesday) 3:00 pm (EST)

Seminar Format: Online Seminar with Zoom Seminar time: 45 minutes, Q & A: 15 minutes, 1 hour in total

Language: Japanese

Lecturer: Eriko Imaizumi (CEO of Waterview Consulting Group)

Registration: Please register from the link below. After registration, you will receive an email with the Zoom link for the day.


  • Instructor introduction

Eriko Imaizumi, Representative of Waterview Consulting Group, Inc.

Graduated from Dokkyo University Faculty of Foreign Studies and completed the Master’s program at London Business School. After working at Merrill Lynch Securities Tokyo Branch, he was Vice President of US Equity Institutional Investors at Donaldson Rafkin & Jenlet Securities New York Headquarters.  In 2004, he started a cross-border consulting company, Izumi Business Solutions LLC, in New York. Involved in technology license transfer and sales of Kumano brush to a US cosmetics company. Obtained executive coaching certification in 2010. Established Waterview Consulting Group, Inc. in 2012 and now provides coaching, corporate training and e-learning production for New York City Government, US companies and Japanese companies. Honda America certified training instructor, living in NJ Princeton.



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