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It is a myth that “good work gets noticed”.  In order to succeed and receive attention, authority, and respect in organizations individuals must “mind their own business”.  Team members must manage their own careers and learn to toot their own horns if they wish to be seen as powerful contributors.  In this fast-paced and entertaining program, Pamela uses her high-energy and humorous presentation style to help each team member develop a strategy to “mind their own business” and succeed.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how to leverage accomplishments.
  • Gain powerful communication tools to keep management “in the loop”.
  • Learn career killing moves to avoid and career building steps to take.
  • Understand how to banish “idea” thinking and maximize “solution” thinking.
  • Gain and easy to follow action plan for maximizing performance appraisals while simultaneously making it easier for leaders to give appraisals.
  • Learn what to say when others sabotage due to jealousy or fear.
  • Learn how to shine in meetings and other group discussions.
  • Understand what to say to ensure credit for ideas, while still being a team player.
  • Gain powerful words and phrases to use to communicate confidence.

With an emphasis on practical skills and tools that can be used immediately, Pamela’s program can help each team member achieve their peak performance potential.


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