Microsoft Word – A Beginners Guide

Microsoft Word is the most used word processing application in the world. This webinar provides you with the skills that you will need to get up and running with the application to create and edit documents.
It covers topics such as creating, editing, and formatting documents, inserting tables, and creating bulleted and numbered lists and using several different techniques to improve the appearance and accuracy of documents.
Topics Covered:
•Inserting and manipulating text
•Formatting Text – alignment, font, size, color etc.
•Page Layout – Margins and Orientation
•Using Styles for Faster Formatting
•Creating Bulleted an Numbered Lists
•Automate Text Entry Using AutoText
•Working with Tables
•Inserting Images
•Editing a PDF Using Word
Who should Attend:
This introductory-level session is aimed at new users of Microsoft Word or existing users who require a refresher and are looking for a way to become more productive users of the application.
The training will be delivered using the latest version of Word although much of the functionality is available in earlier versions of the application.

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