Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark: OHS in Canada: The Year in Review 2021

2021, the year of the continuing global pandemic, has seen new health and safety challenges for employers and businesses. While the pandemic has certainly continued to be a headline story and has resulted in significant developments in OHS law, there have been a number of other notable developments.


In our annual update we will address important developments in OHS law from across the country. The discussion will involve experienced and specialized OHS practitioners from across the country and will be designed to help guide corporations and their management with risk management, strategic considerations, and in preparing for what may be on the horizon.


Our session will be presented as a panel discussion and participation will only be available by webinar. Topics that will be discussed during the update will include:

  • Update on Vaccination Policies
  • “Employer” Role in Construction Projects
  • OHS Reprisals (Worker Complaints)
  • Drug Testing and Fitness for Duty
  • Significant Legislative Updates

We hope you can join us for this complimentary session!



Loretta Bouwmeester, Calgary

Paul McLean, Vancouver

Deanah Shelly, Toronto

John Illingworth, Toronto

Caroline Spindler, Halifax


Canada - Ontario (Blue)

Online (Pink)