Managing Employee Performance – Dealing with Difficult Employees – LIVE WEBINAR

This training program will highlight the steps for conducting disciplinary investigations. It will discuss how to hold employees accountable for sustained change and detail a simple system for determining how to coach employees. It will also focus on Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and how progressive discipline policies can hurt you.

Why Should You Attend:
Despite good hiring and inspired leadership, all supervisors ultimately must deal with someone with Toxic Attitude Syndrome. Whether it’s poor attitude, attendance, or just unable to do good work; employee performance issues often consume large amounts of time, energy, and emotion. In fact, 57% of employees have witnessed abusive or intimidating behavior and probably 100% work with someone who isn’t pulling their weight.
This webinar is designed to give managers insight and tools for effectively dealing with performance issues. It is a challenging job but with the right preparation, we can hold employees accountable and improve our organizations.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

•    How to start off on the right foot by creating clear expectations
•    How poor performance affects organizational performance and work environments
•    How progressive discipline policies can hurt you
•    Why probationary periods may be a bad idea
•    What is employment-at-will and when can you use it?
•    The key concepts in just cause
•    Steps for conducting disciplinary investigations
•    How to hold employees accountable for sustained change
•    A simple system for determining how to coach employees

Can You Answer the Questions Below?

1.    I have an employee who I know gossips, backstabs and stirs the pot but I can never catch him, can I terminate him?

2.    I have an employee who has serious performance problems but they are a member of a protected class. They will probably claim discrimination if I terminate them, what do I do?

If you answered “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know” to even one question. then you need to attend this program to keep yourself and your organization out of trouble.
Don’t just assume that you’re doing it right or that you know enough to get by. Get a true understanding of the law and be confident that your organization and its policies are fair, compliant and consistent.

•    Dealing with difficult people
•    11 barriers supervisors face in managing behavior
•    Methods for objectively documenting Toxic Attitude Syndrome
•    How to prepare for termination
•    How to prepare for and conduct a disciplinary meeting
•    Performance Improvement Plans – receive a sample form
•    Setting SMART goals for employee performance
•    How to use last chance warnings


•    Copy of the presentation
•    A termination checklist
•    Corrective Action and Employee Conduct Policy
•    A sample Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) form
•    A sample investigation questionnaire form

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