Live Webinars: Critical Practices for Assessing and Onboarding Your Leaders

The cost of a bad executive hire can be in the hundreds of thousands – and that is just direct cost.  The more significant impact of a bad executive hire can have dire implications on the survival and success of a company.  It is mission-critical to hire the right people to lead your company and position them for success.  Yet, research indicates that only 50% of executive hires are seen as “successful.”

Therein lies the opportunity – companies that build the capability to hire and onboard executives effectively are creating a compelling competitive advantage.

In this webinar – EXECUTIVE FIT – CRITICAL PRACTICES FOR ASSESSING AND ONBOARDING YOUR NEXT LEADERS – Kneisha Sanders will share her experience implementing executive assessment and onboarding practices for over 200 companies – including many benchmark employee brands.

Executive Assessment and development leader, Kneisha Sanders, will present best practices for increasing your “hit-rate” of your executive hiring – including key tools and processes for assessing, selecting and onboarding key leaders.  Key takeaways include

  • A framework for predicting fit – getting below the surface and beyond the resume.
  • Aligned and deep assessment – assess with rigor and a clear end in mind.
  • Highlight potential – patterns and tools that surface capacity and potential for growth.
  • Early warning signs – how to spot a potential bad hire before engaging with them as a candidate.
  • Targeted interview – evaluation of candidate fit against company values, culture and role-based competencies.
  • Key practices for onboarding – the seven staging elements of executive onboarding.


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