Live Webinar: This is The Year To End Outdated Performance Reviews

Everyone involved in the annual performance review process hates it. First, the review itself is squished into a measly one-hour calendar appointment – if you’re even lucky enough to get that much time to discuss a year’s worth of hard work, sweaty equity and mental exhaustion. Second, a year’s worth of information is crammed into a customized form created by an administrative HR person who also has no clue what the employee does on a day-to-day basis. Third, a majority of the time, when there is an issue with an employee it is often behavior driven not performance or production related, yet the traditional performance reviews rarely focus on behavior (hence the name of it) nor do they align with the job description itself.

So now what? How about having ongoing, interactive, two-way conversations driven by both performance and behavior throughout the year with each team member? If you must (for contract driven or other legal reasons) conduct an official annual review, the one a year session is a mere wrap up/ review of the regular meetings conducted over the course of the year. No surprises. No anxiety. No drama. Wouldn’t it be nice if every employee – and their manager too – knows exactly where they stand at their job: great worker (please don’t leave us), needs some improvement (but do not worry we are here to help) , or this is the last chance before they are out the door (we tried and it’s not working out). Regular feedback sessions accomplish this, annual reviews do not!

Learning Objectives Covered During This Session:

  • How adding Company Values to your job descriptions changes the feedback conversation from mere production to discussing individual behaviors at work
  • Turning your job descriptions into a feedback/ review form
  • Regular feedback sessions – quarterly, bimonthly or monthly
  • Using job description/ feedback forms from interviews to retirement and everything in between

Why attend? Attraction and retention is hard and has been for quite some time. Effective leadership and management practices (as well as the people themselves) are key to both attracting and then retaining quality employees. Plus, you just might stay out of court!

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