Live Webinar: Proofreading Tools in Microsoft Word

Proofreading is a core responsibility for many job roles. While you may already know the rules of grammar and punctuation, are you familiar with the built-in proofreading tools that are available in Microsoft Word to support your proofreading and editing processes? Discover the many common grammatical and punctuation errors that could be fixed automatically with a few small tweaks in your settings. In addition, you can eliminate some of those automation annoyances that you don’t want to have active.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand why it is beneficial to take advantage of Words’ functionality.
  • Learn about the different proofreading tools that are built into Microsoft Word.
  • Gain insight into the various options you can customize to suit your and your company’s preferences.
  • Learn how to use the built-in proofreading recommendations to become a better writer.

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