Live Webinar: New Supervisors: Going from Surviving to Thriving

The transition from staff to “supervisor” can be daunting.  Join communication skills expert Pamela Jett as she shares the critical skills required to not only survive, but to thrive in a new supervisory role.  Loaded with practical tools and techniques designed to enhance a new supervisor’s leadership communication, delegation and time management, as well as techniques to acquire the supervisor’s mindset and image. This powerful 60-minute program gets immediate results!

Critical skills to ease the transition from “staff” to supervisor:

  • Discover powerful tools to manage “friends” and former colleagues.
  • Master 3 tools to make communication easier, with everyone… every time.
  • Leverage the power of “boundary statements” to enhance productivity.

Discover how to manage time and priorities for maximum success:

  • Learn how to prioritize effectively by understanding 4 key activity types.
  • Unlock your peak performance with 10-time management tools successful people use.
  • Master the art of “stewardship” delegation to get things done on time and on target.

Essential tools for tough conversations, performance feedback, and other supervisory challenges:

  • Discover what to say/do when tears flow.
  • Learn what never to say during a disciplinary conversation – hint… it’s not what you think.
  • Discover language patterns to make disciplinary conversations easier.
  • Learn how to keep records and notes so that you can hold people accountable.
  • Master the art of open-ended questions to gain cooperation.

Don’t merely survive as a first time supervisor.  Join Pamela Jett as she guides you through how to thrive in your new role.

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