Linguistic Coaching 101: Keys to Activating your English (for Japanese speakers)

Would you like to be able to communicate in English with more confidence, effectiveness and ease?


This Introduction to Linguistic Coaching program is an intensive half-day seminar to help you understand and improve the most important areas for better communication in English.


What we will cover:

  • A practical overview of the sound system of English
  • Coaching on the proper pronunciation of some key sounds that interfere with being easily understood
  • Understanding and practicing the stress patterns of English to create more natural sounding speech
  • Learning to recognize and start using the natural rhythms of native English which is extremely different from the rhythm of Japanese.


  • Feel more comfortable and confident speaking English
  • Better comprehension of spoken English
  • Be better understood and have stronger relationships with your non-Japanese colleagues
  • Improve rapport and engagement with your listeners

This program is suitable for new expats and those who have been working in English for many years.


Comments from previous Linguistic Coaching participants:

“Why didn’t they teach us this before?!”

 “My colleagues are telling me they can understand me better.”


The instructor, Paul Jaffehas specialized training in comparative phonetics, and has developed unique skills and instructional methodologies for training Japanese in accurately speaking English over more than 40 years training Japanese businesspeople, professionals, and educators to communicate more effectively.


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