LEAN NETWORK WEBINAR — Quality & Onboarding (They go hand-in-hand)

Please join us for our the upcoming Lean Network webinar, Quality & Onboarding (They go hand-in-hand), presented by Victoria Williams, Neaton Auto Products Mfg., Inc.

DATE:    Tues, February 16
TIME:    11:00 am – 12:00 pm
PLACE:  Teams Meeting
LEVEL:  Intermediate


Reducing turnover and fast-tracking new employees to productivity is a key business imperative. The reality is that about 30% of employees don’t make it past their first year and it’s expensive. Good recruitment and hiring can be quickly undone by disorganized poorly executed new employee orientation, and as millennials become a driving force in the workplace, they represent special opportunities and challenges. Every generation has unique needs and Millennials are no different. But good onboarding practices for Millennials is generally good for everyone. This is an opportunity to step up our game.

TARGETED AUDIENCE: Human Resource Department Personnel, Front Line Management, Recruitment, Quality Management, Production Management
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Victoria Williams
New Model QA Administrator & LEAN Network Secretary
Neaton Auto Products Mfg., Inc.
975 South Franklin Street
Eaton, OH 45320

  • 4 Years – Training Administrator
  • 1 Year – New Model QA Administrator
  • 1 Year – LEAN Network Secretary
  • 2017 Honda Trainer of the Year
  • Experienced in Data Collection Services
  • NAPM Lean Administrator
  • NAPM HOST Administrator

I have a common knowledge or an understanding of basic techniques and concepts.



Victoria is a proud mother of three children.  Her oldest daughter, Mallory, is in her 2nd year of Pre-Med at Indiana University.  Victoria’s two youngest children attend Daleville Sr. High School, and both are very active with their studies and athletics.  Her son, Tim, will be possibly attending UK in the upcoming year.  Her youngest, Landrea, is beginning her cross study program at Taylor University in the upcoming year for Musical Therapeutic Studies.

Victoria is a high energetic individual with a big passion for education.  She is constantly learning and sharing the information that she has retained with others.  Her skills are very broad,  but very streamlined.  She has had the privilege, experienced and tenure as the LEAN & Training Administrator for NAPM.  The focus of her previous position was Quality Training.

Victoria will bring a powerful presentation that is bound to keep you interested (even with a few smiles).  She will discuss the data proven failed methods that many organizations have produced when the onboarding process fails if QUALITY is not the second driven factor.  She will equip you with some great practices to bring back to your organizations to assist with Quality & the Onboarding Process, and reducing turnover.

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