Lean Network Members Only: Basic Failure Analysis Training hosted by American Mitsuba

The one (1) day course is based on ATS’s Practical Plant Failure Analysis (PPFA) class.

About this event

Applied Technical Services, LLC is pleased to invite you to our headquarters for a FREE Basic Failure Analysis Seminar. This seminar will be conducted in a manner to foster learning and development by:

• Reaching a common understanding of the multiple causes that contribute to failures

• Raising awareness of the prevalence and pervasive nature of human error

• Applying these basic concepts to specific mechanical components and machinery types

• Reinforcing classroom learning with extensive hands-on failure analysis

The one (1) day course is based off ATS’s Practical Plant Failure Analysis (PPFA) class. The PPFA class provides hands-on practical application of failure analysis techniques using real-world failed components. Students learn basic machinery function, factors that influence failure, accurate diagnosis of failure and how to prevent another failure.

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