Leadership Skill & Style Development (3 Days) – OH

Leadership Skills & Style Development (LSSD) is designed around proven leadership tools, skills and concepts. The goal of LSSD is to assist your managers and frontline leaders in better matching their leadership approach to the performance needs of the organization and the maturity, motivational and skill levels of their associates. LSSD incorporates three focus areas into the learning process and provides participants with the insight and hands-on skill practice needed for personal improvement.

2019 Session Dates
March 12-14
June 18-20
September 24-26
HSO<>Marysville, OH

Contact — Kate
734 – 995 – 5222



Includes: Instructional Material Leadership Style Assessments,
Post Session Coaching
Company: The LEAD Institute/ General Systems Consulting
Group, Inc.

Take Aways
The LSSD Program for Developing Managers and Front-line leaders is an application and output driven workshop ensuring you leave with:
◊ A deeper insight into yourself as a leader and what’s important for your success.
◊ Knowing exactly how to improve the factors that impact associate performance, including how to lead & manage.
◊ An understanding of when, how and with whom to apply the appropriate leadership approach.
◊ The tools, assessments and reference manual to ensure on-the job implementation of the improvement plans created during the workshop.

Who Should Attend
Leadership Skills & Style Development is designed for managers, program managers, team leaders and frontline leaders; key people on the frontline of leadership having a good deal of personal, face-to-face interaction with team members and colleagues. The goal is to provide participants with the leadership, team and personal skills so you can have a positive impact on others and on performance.
What You Can Expect

This is a high involvement, interactive, applied and personalized learning experience. You focus on what’s important to you and your future — not theory.

“I came into the course feeling that I was a pretty effective team leader, and not expecting to learn much. Not only were the lessons a good refresher, but I did gain many” new” insights. Good class!”

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