Key Operating Reports for the HR Professional

Key HR operating reports and metrics must be able to be used to analyze how people affect the business – sales, revenue, and profit. Without people, there would be no business. So, understanding the key HR operating reports and metrics will allow people throughout the entire business to understand the importance of properly attracting, retaining, training, compensating, rewarding, and managing staff in order to deliver the best performance for the company.

Learning Objectives Covered During This Session:

  • Why are HR reports beneficial for an organization?
  • HR Analytics & People Analytics: What’s the Difference?
  • The importance of current data: an HR Dashboard
  • Sample HR reports & metrics

Why attend?

Every HR professional needs to understand that the key operating reports that surround human resources is not actually about the HR department. It’s about the entire business, every aspect, being able to understand how people impact business key performance indicators (KPI’s).

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