JMEP: Performance Review Training

Performance review online training


November 30th-December 2nd, 2021


Achieve risk management and motivation for subordinates as an American manager


This is a training to learn how to perform a performance review meeting.




It’s the season for performance reviews.


In this online training, you will learn comprehensive knowledge and skills related to performance review. Starting with communication skills leading up to performance reviews, what kind of evaluation is fair, what kind of speaking motivates subordinates, skills that can be used at meetings, and evaluation reports are very important documents for risk management of the company, so the evaluation report You will also practice how to write. Twice



Contents and skills to be learned in this training


Day 1 (November 30)


Communication for performance reviews


o Positioning of performance reviews in the United States


o How to give feedback


o How to give instructions


o How to give coaching


o How to deal with a counterargument



Day 2 (December 1st)


Performance review meeting


o A place to look as a manager


o How to read and attach the evaluation report


o How to hold a meeting with local staff



Day 3 (December 3)


How to write a performance review


o Words and sentences to use


o Practice


Target: Japanese managers who have local staff as subordinates (new or mid-career)


Lecturer: Waterview Consulting Group Inc. Representative Eriko Imaizumi (Executive Coach, Honda America Certified Training Lecturer)



What you can get from this training:


  • Find out what you need to do before going to a performance review
  • Learn how to give reverberant feedback, how to give instructions that lead to immediate action, and how to coach your subordinates to move on their own.
  • Learn how to do effective review meetings
  • You can apply actual actions to the items on the evaluation report.
  • Understand what kind of evaluation should be done and how to set the strength of the evaluation
  • Understand the main points of how to write an evaluation report to protect the company
  • Acquire words and sentence expressions used in evaluation reports
  • It will be easier to fill out the evaluation report

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