JMEP Online Management Skills Seminar Series (in Japanese)

Online Management Skill Seminar for Japanese Expats (in Japanese)

As a Manager at US Based Company
Learn How to Manage Employees’ Performance and Productivity

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Price: $600 for 6 session series when using code “HONDA” at registration – $900 for series without code

There are many cultural differences in business between the US and Japan. In order to effectively manage and motivate employees in the US, it is imperative that Japanese expat managers not only understand those differences but also possess the skills to actually manage performance at overseas offices.

In this fully online seminar, Japanese managers learn the most important management skills to effectively run overseas offices, such as:

  • How to give effective and results-driven feedback both informally and in performance evaluations
  • How to give action-oriented instructions
  • How to counter when your staff says “NO”

Expat managers also learn how to maximize performance and productivity by having direct conversations, how to incorporate defined performance objectives into their feedback, and how to use assertive communication techniques, a communication style that many American employees expect.

Through our real-life case studies and exercises, we help Japanese expats develop the necessary confidence in managing local hires in the new environment. Separately, we have “Coaching Skill Training for Managers” course where attendees can try their management skills during extensive roleplay sessions. Please consider attending both “Management Skill Training” and “Coaching Skill Training” for best effectiveness.

Who Should Attend:  All managers, new and experienced, who would like to learn management skills that are broadly taught in the US.

Lecturer:  Eriko Imaizumi – CEO Waterview Consulting Group Inc. Executive coach and Honda North America supplier trainer.


Module Date Time Topic
1 April 30 3-5pm Understanding the difference of business cultures
2 May 8 3-4:30pm How to motivate your staff by giving effective feedback
3 May 14 3-4:30pm Dealing with performance problems
4 May 21 3-4:30pm How to give instruction to your staff
5 May 29 3-4:30pm Setting objectives using SMART model
6 June 4 3-4:30pm How to counter when your staff says “NO”


April 30 3-5pm
May 8 – 3-4:30pm
May 14 – 3-4:30pm
May 21 – 3-4:30pm
June 4 – 3-4:30pm

6 sessions totaling 9.5 hours. Must attend all 6 sessions – not allowed to attend by topic. Time is EST.

Venue: WEBEX or ZOOM Online LIVE seminar

Format: Lecture using PowerPoint, Discussion, Role Plays at virtual break-out rooms, Q&A

Language: Japanese


Price: $600 for 6 session series when using code “HONDA” at registration – $900 for series without code


Eriko Imaizumi – CEO Waterview Consulting Group

Eriko Imaizumi-Augustus is Founder and CEO of Waterview Consulting Group, Inc. a corporate training, executive coaching and e-learning development company founded in 2012. After 16 years of her career at Wall Street firms, she established a cross-border consulting company Izumi Business Solutions LLC, and started providing executive coaching to C-suite Japanese executives in 2010 as she obtained a Communication, Coaching Skill and Japanese Business Etiquette in both Japanese and English for multi-national companies, along with operating a full range subject matter e-learning production team. MSc from London Business School. Lives in Westchester, N.Y.

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