JMEP: Effective Coaching in the Fast Changing Era – Free seminar

Even as society and markets are changing rapidly, as it is today, companies are required to constantly improve their business performance. What should I do to do that?
For example, one boss gathers useful information from many subordinates and adopts a strategy that is timely and in line with the movements of customers and the industry. In addition, one boss is expanding the ideas, knowledge, and experience of his subordinates to significantly increase the capacity and performance of his subordinates. In addition, there are managers who have pioneered innovative services and products in the industry by eliciting hidden demand that even customers have not yet confirmed in top-level talks with customers.

In this seminar, we will talk about the true power of coaching, which is more than just coaching subordinates, it can transform the company and even change the mindset of employees.


Whether you have already acquired coaching skills or are thinking of using coaching in the future, please join this seminar and the secret that coaching communication will improve your relationships with employees and customers, as well as your organization. Please win.

Contents of this seminar

  1. A new interpretation of coaching
  2. The influence of coaching on subordinates, organizations, and customers
  3. My work has decreased, but my evaluation and reputation are rising
  4. The organization becomes a “learning organization” with coaching

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