How to Keep HR from Being the Employee Complaint Department – LIVE WEBINAR


It seems that HR has become the place where employees go to vent about every petty slight or departmental squabble.  And employees somehow expect HR to instantaneously fix them and smooth over all of their workplace relationship issues.   Certainly, when employees come to HR to lodge legitimate complaints of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, of course HR must listen, document and investigate.  However, this petty nonsense with employees running to HR about anything and everything—and managers shirking their responsibilities in managing departmental conflicts— is getting out of control.

The problem with HR being The Complaint Department is that organizational resources are not being allocated to HR to help deal with this increase in employee foot traffic. The result is that a lot of HR professionals, many of whom are women, are working longer and longer hours every week just to try to keep their heads above water with their workloads.  And, with technology having changed the way we work, HR is also much more accessible after work hours. Some HR professionals are beginning to hit a burn-out factor in their careers from a lack of work/life balance.

In this enlightening and informative webinar, internationally recognized speaker, author, and HR consultant, Natalie Ivey, will discuss the eight root causes to The Complaint Department phenomenon.  And, she will share very specific organizational and personal strategies to diplomatically push back on issues and problems that HR shouldn’t own.

Key Learning Objectives: 

•Review the eight root causes to “The Complaint Department”

•Recognize how HR’s involvement in departmental concerns is actually an enabling behavior which is creating the “on ramp” for foot traffic to HR’s door

•Acquire communication tips and techniques to use when handling difficult, conflict-averse employees and managers

•Identify strategies and best practices for managing employee relations’ issues to provide a platform for solutions

•Implement a consistent process for handling and documenting employee relations’ issues and HR investigations

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