How to Go from Buddy to Boss After a Promotion – Virtual

So, you’ve recently been promoted into a supervisory or manager role? Congratulations. Do you have team members who are also friends or friendly peers and now everything just seems awkward? Are you considering ending friendships because they now report to you? Before you take that leap, create a fair and respectful plan to maintain friendships while drawing a line in the workplace sand.

Areas Covered During Training:

  • Address the awkwardness head on – ASAP. Why? They know; you know; everyone knows of your friendship. While consistent actions will speak louder than words in the long run, professional communication is necessary today.
  • Prepare the entire team for team wide accountability. Why? It is important to be fair and respectful to all employees without appearing to play favorites or worse, putting excessive expectations on your friend’s shoulders.
  • Set the example by referring to facts and maintaining confidentiality versus using “friendly” gossip & rumors to make workplace decisions.
  • Stay friends with the buddy who lost their promotion to you. This could quite possibly be the most awkward situation there is, and the other party may not want to play nice. So now what? Let’s discuss a few options and potential outcomes.

Why Should You Attend:

A little less than 50% of all employees in the USA are employed by small businesses. Small businesses (under 500 employees) have small teams. Small teams often promote from within in order to maintain institutional knowledge and also because they do not have the budget or time to train an outsider. Large businesses do this too! The good news is teams who are “friendly” often have each other’s back and look out for the departments mission and vision. However, with any situation where you put several humans together in the workplace, conflicts are bound to happen, especially if your friend is now your subordinate at work.