How to Attract and Hire The Best

Many companies today do not take advantage of the selection science that is available to them to make sure that the people they hire into particular job roles have a high probability of success. You can save significant costs and add to your organization’s bottom line by properly using proven screening tools and other attraction and selection practices.

Learn how to improve your selection and hiring practices so you don’t suffer from “Bad Hire Nightmares”.

If you want to increase the probability that you will hire the right talent for your organization, who will succeed and get results for your company, join us to learn how. Get away from ‘gut feel;” and go beyond behavioral interviewing to learn how you can assess temperament, behaviors, thinking style and a variety of other demographic measures to better insure success in bringing the right talent onboard quickly.

Areas Covered:

•    Who to attract to your organization and how
•    How your employment brand and sourcing methods affect your talent pipe line
•    How to predict which job candidates will succeed
•    Assessing the candidate’s fit to the job role
•    How predictive analytics can help you increase the probability of selecting employees who will be successful
•    A sample of proven assessments available today
•    The use of 360’s for internal hires
•    What to look for when selecting pre-hire screening tools.

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