Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GDT) – HSO (2 Days)

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing This course will provide the participants with an introduction to the Geometric Dimensioning and Tol

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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing  

This course will provide the participants with an introduction to the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) System. Students explore the theory of GDT and the advantages of this system. The GDT feature frame and the related symbols utilzed for this process identify the precision of accuracy desired.

Examples of these symbols would include: Shape (straightness, flatness, circularity, profile of a line, profile of a surface), Direction (parallelism, perpendicularity, angularity), Location (position deviation, coaxiality, symmetry), and Run-Out (circular run-out, total run-out).

Application of theoretically exact dimensions, datum reference frame theory, Limits and sizes, are included to enhance the understanding of this GDT system as outlined in Honda Engineering Standards (HES). Illustrations of terms and the application of the GDT feature frame are within the text materials and Honda Blueprints utilized in this class.

April 27 – 28th



Instructor: Don Juan

What Attendees Are Saying:

“The best part was the book exercises and interacting with the instructor.”

“The training was excellent, and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend.”

“I liked the workbook and being able to go over exercises to understand topics better. When reading drawings to make measurements I can use what I learned in class.”

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