Genuine Leadership 2 (GL2) – HSO (2 Days)

The last of the three part Genuine Leadership series, Genuine Leadership 2 builds upon concepts and exercises worked on in the Basic Genuine

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The last of the three part Genuine Leadership series, Genuine Leadership 2 builds upon concepts and exercises worked on in the Basic Genuine Leadership and Genuine Leadership 1 programs.

Genuine Leadership 2

How You Will Benefit

More than ever, everyone within today’s organizations need a deeper knowledge of leaderships best practices and help in tailoring those practices to their own situations.The unprecedented upheavals of the last several years have created equally unprecedented challenges for leaders — from supervisors on the factory floor to executives in corporate suites throughout the world. Thanks to tighter budgets and competitive pressures, these men and women must achieve more results — faster — through workforces that are often diminished, unfocused, and demoralized.Leadership is easy during good times — easier, at least, than during times of retrenchment when there are tough decisions to make, and no cushion of prosperity to fall back on. For a generation of managers who may have known only growth, hard times can be especially challenging. But, like a family that needs good budgeting skills most when money is tight, organizations need good leaders most during hard times — leaders who can tap into the very best efforts of all their employees and get everyone headed in the same direction. It’s the only way organizations can solve problems and seize opportunities with the creativity and speed required to stay competitive.

Benefits of Planning for Performance Discussions

A work place that applies leadership principles and qualities will:- Achieve results without sacrificing either long-term organizational health or employee commitment- Build a work environment which enable employees to learn and grow- See clearly the impact of their individual efforts on the success of the organizationThe impact of genuine leadership is perhaps best expressed in the words of genuine leaders themselves: “The more we communicated, the more engaged our employees became, and the higher the productivity became. And believe it or not, the better our financials became.”

Course Objectives

At the completion of this module participants will increase their ability to:- Describe how current business issues affect their organizations and their ability to achieve results- Discuss five critical leadership qualities that contribute to both organizational and personal success.- Discuss six principles that help leaders develop effective working relationships- Evaluate the regularity with which they apply The Basic Principles in their daily behaviors- Explain how applying The Basic Principles can help them develop the qualities of Genuine Leadership- Use the Basic Principles to address organizational problems and develop the qualities of Genuine Leadership- Plan to use the principles and qualities of Genuine Leadership in their jobs

Key Topics Covered

This course explores the following subjects in depth:- Genuine Leadership qualities in others- Key business issues affecting your organization today- Leadership Challenges in todays workplace- Which Leadership Qualities help succeed in todays environment- Application of the Six Basic Principles of Leadership and how they bring teams together- Understanding your current strengths and weaknesses when applying the Basic Principles

What the Course Offers

– Experiential learning setting- Opportunity to learn from others while applying the concepts in a risk-free environment- Complete set of materials including participant guide, classroom videos

July 20-21, 2022

HSO – Marysville, OH 8:00AM-4:00PM

Instructor: Duane Tribune

What Attendees Are Saying:

“I liked learning about how to handle certain situations – the key actions for developing self were very informative.”

“It touched on and reinforced things learned in past classes. It made me more aware of some key bad habits to be conscious of.”

“I enjoyed it all immensely! I will use these techniques to continue to control my emotions in my leadership position.”

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