Virtual – Free Lunch & Learn *NEW*


Do many of your associates wake up in the morning deciding that the only thing missing in their life is that they’re not a member of the UAW?

This Lunch & Learn is an introduction to the skillset which will help you and your company avoid leadership train wrecks!

You will learn Approachable Leadership skills which help companies that have Approachable Leaders:

-enjoy lower turnover (71% lower turnover intention)

-enjoy an 88% increase in organizational citizenship

-enjoy increased engagement and enjoyment at work

You will explore:

-What many “experts” get wrong about engagement – and why “happy” employees often aren’t the most productive

-Why some leaders fail and others – who you think will fall on their face – succeed

-How 3 simple questions can transform your leaders (and maybe even improve your love life!)

We’re looking forward to you registering to join us at 11:30 on October 13!


Honda Supplier Virtual (Orange)