Employment Contracts: Do’s and Don’ts – LIVE WEBINAR

Employment Contracts: Do’s and Don’ts

This program will focus on several key areas related to employment contracts. Individuals who attend will learn about key decisions to make prior to entering into employment agreements, the benefits and potential drawbacks of contracts in the employment area, basic provisions to include in all employment contracts, analysis of common contractual provisions related to restrictive covenants and the limitations placed upon an employee through contractual provisions, and key non-contractual and quasi-contractual issues, including risks that can arise from promises of future employment.

Critical Pre-Contract Issues
Independent Contractor vs. Employee
Contract vs. Offer letter
Basic Contract Provisions
Term vs. At-Will
Saving clauses
Advanced Contract Provisions
Trade secrets
Confidential information
Non-contractual considerations
Bonus and commission payments
Quantum meruit
Promissory estoppel
Severance agreements

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