ONLINE: Employee Recognition: A Critical Leadership Skill

Employee Recognition: A Critical Leadership Skill – Aurora Training Advantage

Recognizing and rewarding employees is a crucial leadership responsibility.  Yet, budgets are often tight, time is limited and other priorities compete for attention.  All of this leads to recognition getting left on the wayside.  The good news is that there are powerful strategies any leader can leverage without spending a fortune in money, time or energy.  Join internationally recognized speaker Pamela Jett and she busts through recognition myths and gives you strategies that really work.

Your Benefits of Attending: 

  • Learn how to reward and recognize employees without breaking the bank.
  • Discover easy ways to start a “culture of recognition” within your organization or team so you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Unlock the powerful secret of “intrinsic rewards” and stop relying solely on extrinsic rewards.
  • Master the art of delivering meaningful and rewarding praise.
  • Bust some myths around recognition and start doing what really works.
  • Discover why a “one size fits all” approach to recognition doesn’t work and what to do instead.
  • Create an action plan of curated tools and strategies that can work for you and your team.

Join Pamela Jett today and see immediate results as you implement her proven strategies and techniques.


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