Effective Communication in High-Pressure Situations – LIVE WEBINAR

Join Dan O’Connor, a world leader in tactical communication training, as he walks you though high-pressure situations and how to handle them like a pro. You will learn how to identify these situations before they arise to take preventative measures to avoid them. When a high-pressure situation does arise, however, this program will teach you effective communication strategies and tactics to help you best navigate the situation for yourself and your co-workers to arrive at the best resolution possible.

Your Benefits of Attending:

Learn to identify areas where proactive measures can be taken to foster an organized and respectful environment that discourages high-intensity situations.
Understand the warning signs to look for before a conflict becomes a high-pressure situation and how to diffuse the situation.
Walk away with proven coping strategies you can use to remain calm during conflict.
Apply communication strategies that help maintain a supportive, constructive tone during emotionally intense situations.
Learn how to respond to high-intensity situations with verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that help maintain the physical, emotional and psychological safety of everyone involved.
Gain the skill-set needed to respond assertively to high-intensity situations using emotionally-defusing verbal strategies rather than emotionally reacting to the situation.
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