Don’t Let Stress Destroy Organization Performance

Everything in life is a stressor but there are positive stressors as well as negative ones.  The key element to understand is that the body reacts the same to both – it doesn’t distinguish between the positive stressors or the negative ones in our life. It doesn’t matter what’s happening if it is new, different, uncertain or uncomfortable the mind goes into stress mode. The primary issues with unmanaged stress are; communication styles, performance inhibitors, emotional responses and the prolonging of the stressors even though the original causes might have ended. Ulcers are not caused by what you eat but what is eating you. Changing your diet may or may not help but changing your thoughts and mental reactions will.
Stress is not what is happening but how you are choosing to react to what is happening.  During this session Tim shares the – causes and contributors and the consequences of failing to manage life’s stressors and how to better control your inside-out reaction or response to life’s stressors whether positive or negative.

There are any number of issues that contribute to this stress issue – Just a few of the major ones are;

  • Ongoing change
  • Uncertainty
  • A lack of appreciation, recognition, and validation
  • Work overload
  • Constant deadlines
  • Poor organization communication
  • Inadequate employee development
  • Fear of what’s next
  • Poor top-down and/or inconsistent management
  • And Much More . . .

Every activity (other than sitting on the beach reading your favorite novel) causes stress.  Yes, everything. Winning the lotto, playing with your favorite pet, a wedding, a divorce, hiking your favorite trail, taking dance lessons, losing a job, starting a new one etc. etc. In essence, there are good and bad stressors, but in the end, they all have the same impact on your health and mental circumstances. And why? Because the mind doesn’t judge – it treats all stressors the same – as stress.

What is stress – it is what is happening outside of you – circumstances, situations, people you meet, what you are doing etc. and how you interpret what is happening and how you choose to respond internally to these.  In other words – stress is your inside-out reactions and responses to outside-in circumstances, people, and events.

During this session Tim will discuss the following points, concepts and actions to better manage stressors and their impact on employee performance, customer impact and organization success.

  • Why and how stress is a performance killer.
  • Common business stressors (management style, business model and culture etc.) and how to better manage them.
  • Why people let stress have a negative impact on their behavior.
  • Common responses to stress and their impact on success and happiness.
  • Many actions, approaches, and tactics you can develop or implement to reduce the negative impact of stress on yourself and your employees.

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