Diversity & Inclusion Strategy – LIVE WEBINAR

What do we mean when we think about – Diversity?  Inclusion? Is it referring only to race, disability, and gender?  Diversity and inclusion strategies have expanded to include the differences among us in the way we do our work, how we think, as well as where we work in the organization.  This webinar will discuss the forms diversity and inclusion take within our workplaces, and how that translates into the critical steps required in designing and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy for your organization.  Diversity and Inclusion must be embedded into the fabric of the organization; it must become part of the organization’s strategic plan.  In addition, part of the implementation process includes incorporating diversity and inclusion performance objectives within each employee and manager’s performance objectives.  We’ll discuss the issue of training and the role it needs to play in the diversity and inclusions as well as how to engage middle managers—who are already stressed with too much work and too little time. And finally, once the strategy has been designed and implemented, what metrics need to be used to measure the success of your organization’s  strategy.

Learning Objectives:

1.    To define diversity and inclusion
2.    To explore “The Other” and its implications to the individual and the workplace
3.    To discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusion
4.    To describe the continued demographic changes in the workforce and community
5.    To discuss the challenges of diversity and inclusions and solutions to those challenges

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