Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is No Longer an Option, it is Mandatory

While Diversity and Inclusion is more than “race”, it is the first item most people think of.  Employers must be prepared to have open dialogue regarding all aspects of diversity (the “what”) and inclusion (the “how”), from sexual orientation and gender identity to disabilities, national origin and race. This session will discuss: the meaning of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity too; how to develop and enforce Diversity and Inclusion policies and practices; and ideas that just might improve both your employee engagement and productivity.

Areas Covered During Training:

1.What it means to be Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable: these are all very different yet are intermingled.

2.Developing a policy and focused initiatives to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive organization. This includes uncovering unconscious bias throughout your policies and practices from recruiting to turnover.

3.How to live out your Diversity and Inclusion plan in your company values.

4.Open door policies, manager and employee training,  and the use of listening and empathy.

Why Should You Attend:

Your company internal and external brand depends on being a diverse and inclusive workplace. Many employees are on pins and needles on how to discuss this in the workplace. This session will help you alleviate the worry about where to start this raw and often heated conversation. It won’t be easy but starting the conversation the right way will make it manageable.


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