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Critical Contract Clauses During a Pandemic

Critical Contract Clauses During a Pandemic – Aurora Training Advantage

Not only has the pandemic taken a toll on lives, families, health systems and economies across the globe, but upon commercial contracts as well.  Expectations and contractual obligations are in flux.  Financial returns are changing for all parties.  Contracts are being renegotiated and terminated.  Commercial relationships are being strained.

For many, simply having a contract in place during these challenging times is of minor consequence. 

Proactive contracting professionals are re-examining their contract templates and toolboxes.  Contract language is being revisited and revised.  Where are these contracting leaders looking?  Which terms and conditions are becoming more critical? 

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain insight into which clauses have been elevated as most crucial.
  • Learn which clauses are most often being re-drafted and re-negotiated… and which contracts are being terminated.
  • Understand whether focusing on force majeure clauses is an effective approach.
  • Understand why the “Definition” section of your contract has increased in importance.
  • Learn whether best efforts and reasonable efforts are being re-defined in light of safety concerns.
  • Gain knowledge about how SOW’s, SLA’s and KPI’s are being used in a new capacity.

Join Jim Bergman today and walk away with information critical to your contracts.


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