Conducting an HR Audit

Even if you only have just one employee, an HR audit can help you identify and resolve issues or areas of improvement before they get out of control and/or land you in legal hot water. There are many types and components of HR audits, all with different purposes. Today’s session will cover a high-level overview of audits with the intent to help you identify what type of HR audit your business may need. In today’s world, if you cannot attract or retain quality employees, your business will suffer even if your intent is to sell or merge with another organization.

Learning Objectives Covered During This Session:   

  • Understand the many purposes of an HR audit ranging from legal compliance to market competitiveness
  • Review a checklist of items to be considered in basic and end of year HR audits
  • Establish baselines and develop priorities for future HR projects

Why attend?

To build or repair confidence in the HR department as well as the management team overall and ensure effective use of HR/ management resources. You will learn about compliance with non-discrimination laws during all stages of employment including the use of job descriptions, recruiting ads and performance reviews. We will discuss mandatory benefits and compliance posters. We will also review termination trends and management accountability.


  • HR Audit Checklist
  • End of Year HR Audit Checklist

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