Change Management – Virtual

Managing the Change Process in an Organization


  • Introduction
    • Understanding Change
    • Types of Change
    • The Role of Change in Companies Today
  • Change Development Process
    • Yesterday’s Applications
    • Today’s Requirements
    • Tomorrow’s Goals
    • The GAP Analysis of each stage
      • People
      • Training
      • Processes
      • Technology
  • Developing a Change Team for the Future
    • Degining People with Goals
    • Udnerstanding the Goals
    • “Yes” that’s right/”No” not for us
    • Forming a Steering Group
      • Formation/Directive
      • Cross-Functional Membership
      • CM Profile Approach
    • Implementation Team
      • Formation/Directive
      • Cross-Functional Membership
      • CM Profile Approach
    • Sharing/Communication Team
      • Formation/Directive
      • Cross-Functional Membership
      • CM Profile Approach
    • Educational Development
      • Formation/Directive
      • Cross-Functional Membership
      • CM Profile Approach
  • Developing a Plan and Timeline for Change
    • Baseline the Area or Organization for Assessment
    • Overlay the Goals or Needs for Change
    • Perform the GAP Profile
      • Strengths
      • Weakness
      • Opportunity
    • Formalize the Desired Change
      • Employing the Art of Persuasion
      • The Persona of the Leader or Team
        • Voice
        • Positioning
      • Transferring Power and Credibility
        • Active
        • Implied
      • Spinning the Persuasive Tale
      • The Art of Being Their Guru
    • Team Develops a Plan
    • Assess the Organizations Ability to Change
    • Put Implementation Team Together
    • Develop Project Timeline
      • Milestones
      • Drop-Dead
    • Assignments and Responsibilities
    • Management Support Kick-off
    • Start Communication Announcements
    • Track Project Success
    • Management Reports
      • Actions
      • Benefits
      • Risk
      • Conformance to Timeline
      • Realized Savings
    • Realized Savings
      • Realized to Plan
      • Budget to Actual
      • Personnel
      • Time vs Project Plan
      • Long-Term Benefit
  • Audit – The Final Stage of Completion
    • Initial Assessment
    • Adopting Change Quickly
    • Risk in Delay
    • Communications Reports
    • Personnel Attitude
    • Making Change to Conformance
    • Timetable for Audit/Team Assessment
  • Developing a Model or Standard for Your Company
    • Standard Template
    • Areas Specific to Our Business
    • Allowing the Goals to Model the Gaps
    • Cost vs. Desire

This class can be counted as 1 of 4 additional courses in the Purchasing Series. Complete three of the four courses to earn the Honda Supplier Training Advanced Automotive Buyer Certification.

Instructor: Bill Agee – C.P.M., A.P.P., CEM, CMN, CPP, CPE, CPIM, CPCM


All students attending the session will need to be paid for and registered. Each student MUST have a laptop with a working microphone AND camera.

Class materials will be sent to the email address you submit in your registration.

Cancellations/refunds/transfers must be completed no later than 10 business days from the registration closing due to shipment dates. Substitutions of students from the same company may occur up to the morning of the class.

Due to exchange rate complications, all pricing is in USD regardless of where the class occurs. Eventbrite fees include .99 per transaction plus a small credit card processing charge.

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