CATIA for Viewing (ISG1570) – 2 Days

CATIA for Viewing (ISG1570)

This Honda CAD introduction course covers topics including navigating the Honda environment, finding files with the CADfile Query, logging into the blade environment, and using the CATIA for Viewing software to view and analyze 3D and 2D files.

After completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Explore the Honda file environment
  • Use Cadfile Query and JT2Go to quickly find and view files
  • Open, view and navigate through a 3D assembly
  • Create and manage 3D assemblies
  • Measure items in 3D
  • Analyze for clash in assemblies
  • Analyze sections in assemblies
  • Analyze distances between parts
  • Compare parts in 3D
  • Review/create 3D annotation in assemblies
  • Create 2D annotated views in assemblies (mark-ups)
  • Capture images from 3D for reports and presentations
  • Use additional tools for oving parts in 3D
  • View an danalyze 2D documents

Recommended Prerequisite:
Honda Drawing Guidelines

June 24-25, 2019



Instructor: Scott Henderson

US - Ohio (Green)