Purchasing Series: Capital Equipment & Tooling – Virtual

The Purchasing of Tooling and Capital Equipment

One of the most significant purchase decisions a supplier manager, buyer, or operations manager can make – the ramifications of which can impact an organization for years.


  • Foundations of Capital Equipment Purchasing
    • Capital Equipment Defined
    • Capital Planning
    • Project Priorities
    • CE Budgets
    • Capital Expenditure Process
  • The Purchasing Process
    • Steps to Consider in the Process
    • Supplier Sourcing
    • Supplier Visits
    • Reports to Review
    • Preparation for Solicitation
  • Tooling
    • Introduction
    • To Capitalize or Not…
    • Benefits of Tooling
    • Disadvantages of Tooling
  • Negotiations for CE and Tooling
    • Success Criteria
    • Negotiation Checklist
    • Item for which to Negotiate
    • Preparation and the Team
  • Capital Agreement Contract
    • Contract Clause Review
    • General Legal Considerations
  • Lease vs. Buy Alternatives
    • Accounting and IRS Concerns
    • Definitions of a Lease
    • Lease vs. Buy Decision Process
    • Lease vs Buy Worksheets
  • Contract Administration of Capital Acquisitions
    • Controlling Project Progress
    • Tracking Systems
    • Administration of CE Contracts/POs
    • Source Selection Plan
    • Areas to be Controlled
    • Contract Closure
    • Post-Completion Audit
    • Problems and Solutions with Audits


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Class materials will be sent to the email address you submit in your registration.

Cancellations/refunds/transfers must be completed no later than 10 business days from the registration closing due to shipment dates. Substitutions of students from the same company may occur up to the morning of the class.

Due to exchange rate complications, all pricing is in USD regardless of where the class occurs. Eventbrite fees include .99 per transaction plus a small credit card processing charge.



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