Capital Equipment & Tooling (2 Days) – OH

The Purchasing of Tooling and Capital Equipment

June 18-19, 2019

One of the most significant purchase decisions a supplier manager, buyer, or operations manager can make – the ramifications of which can impact an organization for years.


  • Foundations of Capital Equipment Purchasing
    Capital Equipment Defined
    Capital Planning
    Project Priorities
    CE Budgets
    Capital Expenditure Process
  • The Purchasing Process
    Steps to Consider in the Process
    Supplier Sourcing
    Supplier Visits
    Reports to Review
    Preparation for Solicitation
  • Tooling
    To Capitalize or Not…
    Benefits of Tooling
    Disadvantages of Tooling
  • Negotiations for CE and Tooling
    Success Criteria
    Negotiation Checklist
    Item for which to Negotiate
    Preparation and the Team
  • Capital Agreement Contract
    Contract Clause Review
    General Legal Considerations
  • Lease vs. Buy Alternatives
    Accounting and IRS Concerns
    Definitions of a Lease
    Lease vs. Buy Decision Process
    Lease vs Buy Worksheets
  • Contract Administration of Capital Acquisitions
    Controlling Project Progress
    Tracking Systems
    Administration of CE Contracts/POs
    Source Selection Plan
    Areas to be Controlled
    Contract Closure
    Post-Completion Audit
    Problems and Solutions with Audits

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