Capacity Management System (CMS) – Ohio

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The Capacity Management System (CMS) is a Honda Supply Team Portal application. This is a hands-on class which teaches the supplier to enter and maintain process capacity information in CMS. Once North American suppliers have entered process capacity in CMS & submitted the information to Honda, CMS then correlates this process capacity with Honda’s North American production demands.

  • Supplier associates who are responsible for process capacity / OEE should attend this class.
  • Two (2) associates from a supplier may attend
  • Prior to class, the supplier associate must complete and have access to the Honda Supply Team Portal
  • Laptop or tablet required. Wifi provided.
  • Prior to class, the supplier associate must also contact their Honda portal administrator to grant access to CMS for the supplier associate attending class.
  • Bring current capacity data for several bottleneck processes for Honda parts. You will use this information for training (hands-on experience) and it will provide a starting point for entering your company’s capacity data into CMS

March 19, 2019
URE Building
15461 US 36
Marysville, OH 43040

Instructor: Stacey Perry


US - Ohio (Green)