Calculating Overtime Explained – LIVE WEBINAR

Calculating Overtime Explained

Have you wondered whether you are properly calculating overtime pay for your non-exempt employees? Well, take the guesswork out of calculating overtime. Attend this webinar and you will learn how to navigate the complex rules, and properly calculate employee overtime pay.
If you do not get this right, then even with the best of intentions, you could find yourself facing a costly lawsuit if your overtime calculations are wrong. Don’t wait until it’s too late — learn how to properly determine employee overtime pay so you can stay in compliance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.


How to calculate the regular rate of pay under the federal FLSA.
How to determine whether pay, apart from hourly wages, must be included in the regular rate and, if so, how to calculate overtime pay for bonus payouts, piece rates, commissions, and other forms of pay.
When stand-by is considered time that must be included for purposes of calculating overtime.
How to account for time worked before and after regular hours, or during normal breaks and meal periods.
Whether an employee’s holiday or vacation pay must be included in the overtime calculation.
How to determine if an employee is on work time even though s/he is not on the clock, such as when donning and doffing uniforms and safety gear.
How to calculate overtime for non-exempt salaried employees.
Tips to avoid liability for back wages and penalties for incorrect overtime calculations

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