Business Writing Update: Welcome to 2022

Let’s face it – times change. Fashion changes, music changes, and language changes. If this weren’t true, we could all be speaking the same way Shakespeare did (which makes me glad that language changes).If language changes, so must our writing styles. Just because it was “right” when you were a kid doesn’t mean that same writing or grammar rule is still right. Grammar and business writing is evolving as well, and if we are professionals, we must evolve with it.This one-hour session is going to bring your writing skills up to 2022 standards.Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how to create polished business documents.
  • Understand run on sentences, comma splices and transitions and how to avoid them.
  • Grammar refresh (honestly this won’t be painful!)
  • Learn about Red Flags to watch for (lie or lay, bi-weekly or semi-weekly).
  • Gain easy memory tricks to help you (remember I before E except after C?)

Join Rhonda Scharf and level up your business writing skills.

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