Business Process Mapping (1 Day) – Virtual


All organizations seek the opportunities to reduce cost to help contribute to the success of their company. Often managers look for a quick score and even consider the elimination or reduction in headcount which can offer a quick savings, but a long-term loss to the company. Through employing business process mapping (BPM) at the organization we can reduce the non-value added task, reduce cycle time, increasing productivity, increase operational efficiency, decrease risk, increase customer satisfaction and allows the retention of staff to employ on greater program initiatives.

The session will show the participants how to implement and conduct an inhouse process review which will be both better for the company and save far more money than a simple headcount reduction. All participants will learn:

1) the how and why’s of implementing BPM inside your company,

2) the various types of mapping models which can be employed,

3) the difference between a flow chart and a process map,

4) the basics of process mapping for savings,

5) to create a transformational model,

6) fill in pre-designed form for a process map, evaluation matrix, a cost profile analysis, and a priority action plan,

7) the seven deadly sins in performance improvement,

8) how to report savings to management,

9) to reengineer the business process for cost savings and operational efficiencies,

10) to report savings to management,

11) using the BPM to reengineer the organization, and

12) secure you own set of master Process Mapping forms.

This session is designed for buyer, sales representatives, manufacturing, operations and engineering departments, supervisors and managers tasked with enhancing the operations, efficiency and productivity of the company. This is a must in uncertain times to stay ahead of the business changes and external conditions.


I. Introduction


II. Understanding Business Processes

Areas of Business Improvement

Why We Map a Process


III. Flowcharting

Flowcharting-Laying a Foundation

Limitations of Flowcharts

Types of Flowcharts

a) Basic Flowchart with Major Steps

b) Basic Top-Down Flowchart

c) Basic Flowchart with Detailed Step

d) Opportunity Flowcharts

e) Deployment Flowcharts

When to Use Which Flowchart

Article: Flowcharting


IV. Process Mapping

Transformational Model

Transformational Categories

Evaluation Elements

Case Analysis: Mail Pickup

Process Mapping Overview

Evaluation Matrix

Cost Profile Analysis (CPA)

Prioritize Action Plan (PAP)

Composite Analysis

Departmental Activity Analysis

Departmental Quality Analysis

Complexity Model

7-Deadly Sins of Performance Improvement


V. Article

Get Rid of the Minutiae


VI. Reengineering the Business Process

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Notes

IX. Article

Article: Process Mapping 101

X. Instructor’s Biography

XI. Master Set of Process Forms

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