Business Acumen: What it is and Why it is Critical to Your Success – Virtual

Robert Brondo states, “Over the past few years, the need for business acumen skills as a standalone competency has become a critical focus of most CEOs.”  Yet, some studies show that 90% of professionals don’t understand the key components that are important to CEOs and the overall success of the company. This webinar will explain what business acumen is, why it is important for employees at all levels, and some things one can do to build business acumen in order to be recognized, valued, and respected within an organization…while also being instrumental in that organization’s success.  This webinar is open to all but especially focused on entry to mid level rising professionals who want to learn more about this critical topic and what they can do to start building business acumen skills.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand what business acumen is and how it relates to your success.
  • Gain insight into the benefits of strong business acumen across your entire organization.
  • Learn about the core elements included in business acumen.
  • Gain strategies for starting to develop or enhance your business acumen.

Join Patricia Simpson as she shares her experience on the critical topic of business acumen.

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