Behavioral Based Interviewing

What is the cost of a bad hire? Imagine the impact poor selection has on customer care, annoyed and irritated coworkers, possible litigation, rehiring cost, damaged reputation, not to mention lost sleep. A short interview with a poor hiring decision can lead to months and years of frustration. There are no guarantees but there are best practices that help hire great employees and manage risk.

The interview is our most important selection tool yet traditional interviewing has only a 10% success rate of predicting on-the-job behavior – apparently we aren’t as good at judging behavior as we think. Fortunately we can improve this predictability by over 500% with Behaviorally Based Interviewing. Our hiring decisions ultimately determine our business success and it is critical that we maximize our efforts.

This webinar provides useable tools, knowledge, and skills to make the correct hiring decision.

What you will learn:

  • Conduct thorough, targeted interviews to maximize hiring success
  • Learn the formula for creating Behaviorally Based Interview questions
  • Receive 43 behaviorally based questions to uncover the “real” person
  • Take the subjectivity out of hiring decisions
  • Identify the skills required to conduct successful interviews
  • Obtain a clear and effective interview structure
  • Develop best practice behavioral interviewing techniques in making objective selection decisions
  • Understand legal principles related to recruitment and selection processes
  • Devise a simple rating system
  • Top 10 tips for interviewer
  • 15 key competencies to add to your job description and include in interviews
  • Bonus 363 additional behaviorally based questions related to 35 competencies

Upon completion of this program you will:

  • Take the right steps to prepare for every interview
  • Create behaviorally anchored interview questions
  • Identify job related behavioral competencies
  • Avoid legally problematic questions

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