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The first of the three part Genuine Leadership series, Basic Genuine Leadership lays the groundwork for concepts and exercises that serve as

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The first of the three part Genuine Leadership series, Basic Genuine Leadership lays the groundwork for concepts and exercises that serve as the stepping stone to the Genuine Leadership 1 & 2.

Basic Genuine Leadership

How You Will BenefitEffective supervision has the most profound positive impact on your business. Learning to develop strategies to successfully assume this important and challenging role is an essential skill for all supervisors.New supervisors must motivate others, adapt to challenging situations (and help others do the same), understand organizational goals to set work priorities, establish productive relationships with managers, and delegate effectively. To earn respect, a new supervisor must show respect – a daily effort that builds trust and supports long-term collective effort. When supervisors admit that they don’t know everything, when they leverage the experience of their team, and when they follow through on their commitments, others tend to give them the benefit of the doubt and remain open to evolving ideas and directives.

Benefits of Supervisory Success

A work environment that embraces the Hallmarks of Supervisory Success:

– Provides skills to improve performance, solve problems, and achieve goals

– Improves all associates in the company

– Increases feelings of competency

– Improves quality and reduces costs

– Increases confidence in the support of the organization

Course ObjectivesAt the completion of this module participants will increase their ability to:- Manage their transition to a supervisory role- Outline actions required to build credibility- Identify strategies to tap into the commitment of others- Create a clear connection between departmental and organizational goals to increase work group commitment- Plan for a conversation to build a constructive relationship with their own managers and gain managerial support

Key Topics CoveredThis course explores the following subjects in depth:- Transition challenges/balancing act- Building personal credibility- Current credibility quotient- Activating work group commitment- Establishing a partnership with your manager- Action planning for the future

What the Course Offers– Experiential learning setting- Opportunity to learn from others while applying the concepts in a risk-free environment- Complete set of materials including participant guide, classroom videos and learning summary cards

August 10, 2022

HSO – Marysville, OH

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Instructor: Duane Tribune

What Attendees Are Saying:

“I enjoyed the class participation, lots of opportunity for new concepts and ideas.”

“Getting to understand the importance of listening and understanding associates needs was valuable. I am planning to use the different techniques we learned to become a better supervisor.”

“I can make use of this class in my daily position by focusing attention, delegating tasks where applicable, trying to be more approachable, and making myself available to associates when needed.”

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