Advanced Purchasing Techniques (2 Days) – Online

Advanced Purchasing Techniques

It is said that the future will belong to the organization that can negotiate best.  In our firms today, we are seeking those professionals that are able to embrace the art and skill needed to become truly world-class professionals.  The best we could do in the past will not be adequate for the future.  This course will allow the participants to learn new techniques, applications and guarantee success in any negotiation they pursue.


  • Preparation for negotiations, gaining an understanding of the issues, the other party’s position, and ensuring your outcome
  • Establishing goals and objectives; Establishing and controlling the situation; Channeling information for results; Formats used in negotiations, the impact of time
  • Identifying negotiation styles; Negotiating techniques and tactics, initial negotiations positions, establishing negotiation ranges, contracting strategy, tactics to win-win, controlling the negotiation process, communication throughout the process
  • Putting together a negotiating team together; Roles, planning a team negotiation event
  • Negotiating contracts; Resolving difficult negotiation situations, backdoor negotiations, high-pressure situations, single/source/sole source, negotiations with friends as suppliers
  • Evaluating and ensuring success; Follow-up, subsequent negotiations, communication, assessing performance success
  • Negotiation exercises

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