Active Shooters: Prevention and Preparation – LIVE WEBINAR

Mass shootings in the workplace and victim totals are rising and rising fast. Prior to 2014 the US averaged less than 17 workplace shooting a year. But last year there were more the 260! Don’t let your organization become a statistic! Protect your team with strategies, tactics and techniques you can use today.

Preventing your workplace from active shooters and other violence is a legal and moral obligation. But also just plain good business sense. A single incident of violence can cost millions of dollars and even put you out of business. Do you really want to risk having to explain to your boss, board of directors and/or victim families you didn’t take steps because the odds seemed small?

You’ll learn: The Who, What, Where and Why of workplace shooters. Plans, policies and procedures to greatly reduce the chances of an active shooter at your facility. Simple, effective tactics and techniques for surviving shooting events including a simple ways to stop shooting when they happen

Scope and Impact of Workplace Shootings
Typology and Profile of Workplace Shooters
Assessing and mitigating the risk of violence in your workplace.
When to Run, Hide or Fight?
A $2 item than can save lives.
Training your people to know what to do when they don’t know what to do.
Recognizing the signs of impending violence.
Best practices for “talking down” armed individuals.
Unarmed self-defense techniques to put the odds in your favor.
This webinar can help private and public sector personnel understand the importance of developing an emergency response plan and the need to train employees on how to respond if confronted with an active shooter.

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