Active Shooter and Workplace Violence: Preparation and Readiness

This webinar includes two topics that are important for business leaders and employers to educate themselves on an unfortunate, yet very real trend in the country. Join us as we review Workplace Violence, specifically causes and signs to look for, pre-attack indicators, ways that you can help to de-escalate situations and keep your workplace safe, and how to prepare and handle difficult conversations. Next, we will review history cases of active shooter incidents and understand the underlying details from investigators and law enforcement officials. Included is an examination of motivators and tactics used by active shooters. We will then review suggested reactions if you find yourself in an active shooter situation (Run, Hide, or Fight), including interacting effectively with law enforcement.

Areas Covered During Training:

•    Potential sources and signs of workplace violence situations
•    Prevention and response to workplace violence
•    “Threat Assessment” – how you can reduce the possibility of violent incidents
•    Historical overview and case studies of active shooter situations
•    Personal survival response – how to respond when an incident occurs
•    Law enforcement response

Why Should You Attend:

Unfortunately, active shooter incidents are not uncommon news items. Employees and former employees are stressed, upset, and frustrated and sometimes lash out in violent ways. Potential workplace violence clues are often overlooked or discounted by onlookers and co-workers for a variety of reasons. Tragically, turning away from these indications can result in dire consequences. Based on thorough analysis by law enforcement experts, we know that there are specific steps that you can take to mitigate workplace violence situations. However, if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, do you know what to do and how to react?




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