Achieving Work/Life Balance – LIVE WEBINAR

Achieving Work/Life Balance: Lunch & Learn Series

Welcome to the Lunch and Learn Series. A series of 1 hour programs focused on providing yourself and your employees the tools to succeed in both the business and personal environment. Work/Life balance has become widely accepted as a key driver of both personal well being as well as professional success. Whether you are an employer looking to help your employees strike the right balance or an employee trying to figure out what the right balance is, this is the program to help guide you there.

Your Benefits of Attending:

Define work-life balance and how it applies to participants
Develop work-life balance goals and specific actions
Determine accountability triggers to support achieving work-life balance
Learn how to utilize productivity tools to support and incorporate work-life balance goals
Gain strategies in how to acquire the time to get important personal activities integrated into the calendar
Understand how to maintain work-life balance through effective daily and weekly planning
Join award winning speaker K.J. McCorry as she leads you down the path to a healthy work/life balance.

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